Car Rentals

Vehicle rentals are a reasonable method to travel, and particularly helpful for air explorers. You can lease an eco-friendly car to set aside cash or a convertible to feel the breeze in your hair. SUVs and vans have the space for shipping huge gatherings while full-size vehicles and extravagance autos give an agreeable driving encounter.


Follow pennants to the baggage claim an area found at the lower level of the Terminal for stuff collection. Continue into leave gateways in region B of the lower level for the Rental Car Shuttle transport. Voyagers have the option to either go with the preassigned vehicle or peruse the vehicle assurance zone. The vehicles found in the Select and Go Upgrade Area have the extra regular cost, which is posted on the hangtag. The Avis agent will quickly complete the trade once you select your vehicle and present your driver's license.


Progress to the baggage guarantee zone and get any apparatus you checked. Leave the passageway on the lower level of the baggage claim district. What's more, walk legitimately to the spending office situated at the vehicle rental region inside the air terminal, where the Budget stand and cars are found. All drivers must be at any rate 21-years of age to rent a vehicle at their Baltimore air terminal zone. Drivers inside the ages of 21 and 24 will have an extra cheat of $27 a day included their bill.


Advance outward from underneath the baggage carousel to the Enterprise vehicle rental office, situated at the vehicle rental zone of the LBB Airport. There are self-administration stalls arranged there, where you can make a rental arrangement quick and clear. At LBB, Enterprise offers a wide assortment of rental autos reachable.